InfoSafe Shredding is a locally owned company in the document destruction service business and has proudly provided the Omaha area Shredding Services since 2001. We provide secure and bonded on-site paper shredding services to Nebraska and Iowa communities. We can also provide a Certificate of Destruction.

We shred with a closed system – (no one sees your documents at any time) and are bonded and insured. We do not transport or put your confidential documents at risk. We guarantee the security of your documents and put it in writing. You can see exactly how our closed shredding system works here: See Inside Our Mobile Shredding Truck.

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We are a locally owned company that is proud to serve our community. Call to make an appointment.

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Shred It - It's the Law!

Every business has sensitive records that they are required to dispose of in a secure method. Payroll records, personnel files, legal documents, medical records, client files, financial data, and customer lists.

If your company’s information were to fall into the wrong hands, the result could be anything from embarrassment to catastrophic loss of revenue.

Stored records should be shred on a regular schedule. By destroying records on a set schedule, a company limits its legal risk as related to Federal Rule 26. And addresses compliance issues relating to HIPAA. Plus the new FACTA Disposal Rule.

In fact, under various state and federal regulations, including the1974 Federal Privacy Act, if your personnel files or other types of records are disclosed to outside parties even by accident it could be grounds for a law suit. With the recent emergence of Dumpster Diving, pilfering through the trash is an effortless way for anyone to obtain your company’s confidential information. The Supreme Court has ruled that information in your trash is fair game to anyone. That implies that each company is responsible for both safeguarding and properly disposing of all confidential records on employees and clients.

The best solution to any problem is prevention before it occurs. We offer a free Security Check that can help you implement solid security procedures. We are bonded, insured, and provide Certificates of Destruction for our paper shredding services. Call us today at 402-891-2688 for more information.

What is the impact of the HIPAA and HITECH  rules Updated in Jan 2013? Click To Find Out!

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Go to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or call us at 402-891-2688. InfoSafe Shredding is a locally owned company and has been serving the Omaha, Nebraska area for over 15 years.

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