There's been a lot of confusion over pricing for shredding, whether it's onsite or off site. We'd like to make this as easy for you to figure out as possible. Several companies offer by the minute, by the pound, or by the box shred it services (based on size of box).

Our goal has always been to cover more accounts in less time, thereby reducing our cost of shred it services. We’re better, we’re faster, we’re smaller, and we cost less too!

Our 64-gallon security containers hold 3x more than console, or nylon bag alternatives, making our process far less time and labor intensive. This means less service calls and these efficiencies are passed on to the customer in lower shred charges.

Our minimum charge for on-site shredding is $40. If you have any questions, contact Mike @ 402-891-2688 for repeat service, and one-time clean- outs.

Onsite Shredding Services

No volume is too large or too small. InfoSafe Shredding shreds your unwanted paper and magnetic media onboard a custom designed truck, equipped with a high power industrial shredder. This vehicle is a self contained state of the art unit that can shred more than 3 tons per hour at your site.

Don’t let production overruns, flawed manufacturing, and QC rejects enter the marketplace. The last thing you want is unauthorized coupons in circulation or ersatz selling on Ebay!

For regular shred it service InfoSafe Shredding can come to your site on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. If you have a large volume due to year end or other reasons, just call and make an appointment.

(402) 891-2688

Call to setup your appointment today.

Shredding Step-by-Step Procedure

Choose the collection container you prefer! InfoSafe Shredding will provide, free of charge, your choice of collection cabinet or container:

The inset key locked cabinet is designed for more formal work areas and decors. The footprint measures 20"x 20"x 40" and holds over 75-85 pounds of paper. Though attractive, limited capacity makes this a time and labor intensive option.



The 64 gallon security container satisfies OSHA's safe workplace requirements with an injection-molded heavy duty plastic body with smooth edges. The key locked container is computer grey and well suited for production and office areas alike. The footprint measures 23" x 29" x 41" and holds over 250 pounds of paper.

Step 1

An InfoSafe Security Officer - uniformed, bonded, and fully insured - will pick up the secured contents of your locked container or cabinet.


Step 2

The information is then taken outside your premises to our mobile shredding unit. Sight unseen, the contents are emptied into our high speed shredder and rendered unrecognizable into dime size particles. You are invited and always welcome to witness the destruction.


Step 3

When we complete the destruction of your confidential information we immediately issue a "Certificate of Destruction" with your invoice.