Document Purge or One Time Clean-Out

What is a Document Purge or One Time Clean -Out?Periodically all businesses require a purge of documents stored at their premises or at off-site storage facilities. Often, many companies have comprehensive records management programs requiring the destruction of documents that have reached the end of their retention period.

Some businesses may want to turn storage areas into usable office space, while others may be involved in some type of corporate relocation 

or perhaps consolidating locations. A document purge reduces the risk of litigation and unfavorable internal audit findings by government authorities. If you have any questions on which documents need to be destroyed on what type of timeline you can read our recommendations here: Document Records Retention Check List

Companies with existing shred service from a contracted vendor often use our purge services due the fact that cost is far less. InfoSafe Shredding offers non-contract, one time onsite shredding services which allow our clients to destroy unwanted documents in a timely manner without the additional investment of internal staff and resources. 

Once you’ve determined the documents you wish to purge simply call us and we will send a trained professional to shred your records onsite at your business or storage unit. We maintain a strict chain of custody that insures the confidentiality of your information. For auditing purposes a Document of Destruction is issued on the spot! 

We can schedule at your convenience, after hours or on the weekends. We would be happy to work with you on any time that lessens the impact on your daily business. If you want to see our pricing, click here.